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Welcome To Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC

Welcome to Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC. Your local Spartanburg bathroom remodeling company where you can expect nothing less than the highest quality service and products.

Spartanburg bathroom remodel has been serving the area for years with the best bath remodeling Spartanburg SC has seen. How do we do it? Well, we focus all of our work around our customers and their needs.

Whether you need small bathroom remodel ideas, a simple bathroom shower remodel, or a complete master bathroom remodel. Our local Spartanburg remodeling contractors have you covered with a wide variety of services.

For now, you may just have some simple questions you need to be answered before you sign up for your consultation and that’s all right too. Questions like are there even bathroom remodelers near me, how much is a bathroom remodel, or who are the very best bathroom remodeling companies in Spartanburg SC?

This local Spartanburg bathroom remodeling company has answers to all your questions and more. So call us today so we can begin to assist you and schedule you for your free consultation at Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC.

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About Us

At Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC we believe in always putting our customers and their needs first. That is why we offer a wide range of services, materials, and outstanding customer service.

Our employees follow three virtues that we believe push us to get the job done right every time.

  1. Efficiency
  2. Honesty
  3. Dedication

In order to truly get the job done well, it must be done in a timely manner. Why, because you wouldn’t want your bathroom torn up for weeks on end. You want the job done soon without the Spartanburg bathroom remodeling company you hired dragging their feet the whole way. We need to be efficient.

Second, you must be able to trust the Spartanburg SC bathroom remodel company you hired. We need you to trust our opinions on certain matters, particularly if it is going to require more money than you planned on spending. We believe the best way to bring about trust is honesty.

Our employees know that being honest about all our dealings from the very beginning of our business relationship together is going to bring about trust in the future. Whether from you or new customers we work with. Trusting our work will ultimately bring about an all-around better result for you in the end.

Finally, you need to see the dedication of your Spartanburg remodel company. Dedication to the job, attention to detail, and dedication to their job. We promise to hire the most efficient, honest, and dedicated remodeling contractors Spartanburg SC has to offer!

Why Choose Us?

Choosing from all of the bathroom remodeling companies in Spartanburg SC can be a challenge. That is one reason we offer our free consultation. So you as a customer can work with us to build a strong relationship before you have spent any of your hard-earned dollars.

There are some bathroom remodeling companies that can charge much higher than the average cost of bathroom remodel prices for your remodel. Does that guarantee that you will receive the best materials and services? The answer is yes more than likely. But you could be left wondering if the remodel was worth such a high price.

Other bathroom remodeling contractors may charge such an unbelievably low rate for a bathtub remodel or small bathroom remodel. But at what cost? Well, the cost is quality. You may lose on an employee’s attention to detail or quality material used in the project.

This may ultimately cost you more in the long run. So the best option is to spend a little more from the beginning and do it right the first time.

Unlike other companies for bathroom remodeling Spartanburg has, Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC finds a balance between these two extremes in pricing. We believe that charging customers too high in pricing is as unfair as charging too little for a lower quality product.

We strive every day to help our customers fight for competitive prices when it comes to their bathroom remodel in Spartanburg SC. It is simply one more way we can provide excellent customer service in all aspects.

What to expect

Our first recommendation when beginning any bathroom renovation in Spartanburg SC is to have some sort of theme when you arrive at your free consultation. The more planning and design ideas you have, the more we can help you achieve the absolute perfect results for your finished product.

Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC is more than happy to assist you with ideas when you feel stuck. But if you come in with no idea as to what it is you wish to accomplish our finished product may be far off from your expectation. This can lead to unhappy customers, which we obviously never want.

We recommend looking up other projects for a bath remodel in Spartanburg. You can also quickly look through magazines or online. Try to find pictures that resonate with you and discover what it is about them you seem to enjoy so much. Bring those pictures to us!

We will discuss themes and various moods you can achieve through colors and lighting during your free consultation. Would you like to room to be bright and happy or more mellow and relaxing?

During the consultation process, we will at some point need to take measurements of the bathroom you wish to remodel. We want to make sure we are current on plans you have to move walls or look over the tub you wish to replace.

We also want to look at the current state of the bathroom. Do plumbing and wiring need to be moved. Or is there a mold problem we need to be aware of?

We will also review the current products and materials we currently have at Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg. Please note if there is a specific item you want that we do not carry it will need to be ordered. This may very well delay the initial completion date we discussed.

Bathroom Remodeling Services


Full Bathroom Remodel

You go into your bathroom and look around. You really dislike the entire thing. You want new fixtures, lights, colors, vanity, and tub. Well lucky for you Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg can offer you our full bathroom remodel service. We can remove and replace every aspect of your current bathroom and help you design and own the bathroom of your dreams.


Bath Conversions

If remodeling your entire bathroom isn’t quite in your plans yet, then may we suggest a bath conversion? This simple yet incredible change can make all the difference in your current bathroom. After all, your shower or tub is a huge fixture in your bathroom. So replace your tub and make your bathroom feel brand new with a bath conversion.


Master Bathroom Remodel

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a master bathroom then you understand just how much time you can spend in it. Whether you are getting ready for the day or coming home to relax at the end of your day, you need it to be perfect for you. So why not consider a master bathroom remodel? We can replace those old tiles, fixtures, and much more to make it a bathroom you love spending your extra time in.


Small Bathroom Remodel

Do you have a small bathroom in your house you use as a guest bathroom? Why not make it spectacular with a small bathroom remodel? We can help you with new colors, fixtures, and more with our small bathroom remodel service.


Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

If you are a customer that absolutely needs a new tub but not just for looks and presentation you have other concerns. Concerns such as safety when getting in and out of the tub, then walk-in tubs might be the answer to your problems. We offer the best looking walk-in tubs Spartanburg has available and we do this as just one more service to please our customers. Simply open the watertight door, step over a very low step, and safely enjoy your bath. All while enjoying the look of a sleek and safe tub!


And More!

  • Countertops
  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Sinks
  • Showerheads
  • And much much more!

About Spartanburg SC

Spartanburg is a city that resides in northern South Carolina. It is home to Hatcher Garden which contains ponds, woodland paths, and butterflies. Cleveland Park also has a lakeside amphitheater.

The current unemployment rate is 3.3% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 7.0% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Boiling Springs
  • Duncan
  • Wellford
  • Arcadia
  • Roebuck
  • Fairforest
  • Startex
  • Reidville
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

We have averaged out the average cost of a bathroom remodel to be around $10,000. However, that does include small projects like bath conversions and small bathroom remodels. If you are looking at a full bathroom remodel the price will of course go up significantly. It can also depend on fixtures you purchase, the tile you use, and other items such as moving a wall.

Do I absolutely need to have ideas for my remodel?

No, you do not absolutely need them. However, it is highly recommended you do. We advise this because we want you to be incredibly happy with your finished product. If we design the whole thing for you then you may not be happy with the colors, lighting, or other aspects of the bathroom. So as we mentioned in the what to expect section, there are a few ways you can research to find ideas of your own. Find pictures online or in magazines. Choose some that resonate with you and look it over to decide exactly what about it you love so much. Whether it be the color, or maybe tile that was used. This will help give us a better idea of what to help you to create and ultimately make you happier with the end result.

How much lighting should I plan on having in my bathroom?

We recommend having an adequate amount of lighting. The reason why is because you want to make sure you can see in your mirror as you get ready for the day. Whether you are applying makeup, shaving, or fixing hair you want to make sure you can see well. We also advise having lighting over your shower.

Customer Testimonials

My wife and I needed quite a bit of work done to our master bathroom. We moved walls, added an extra sink and counter, and completely remodeled the tub. It was a rather large project to take on. Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC made it absolutely perfect and got the entire job done much quicker than we anticipated. These guys are incredible. I give them five stars.

Robbie C.

I needed a walk-in tub installed for my mom who lives with us. I had never even heard of them before Bathroom Remodel Spartanburg SC brought it to my attention. It looks great and seems incredibly safe. They also did a great job installing it.

Corey M.

My husband and I agreed on a very strict budget. I wanted creative freedom to do the bathroom how I wanted. Bathroom Remodel SC helped me not only get the end results I dreamed of for years, but I was absolutely stuck within my budget. The employees here are so helpful thank you for all of the hard work you put into making this happen for me.

Mary H.

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